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Best Pharmacy Management Software In Bangladesh

Pharmacy Management Software streamlines the drug supply and stock management with detailed information. This software has been developed for better use at hospitals, pharmacies, and medical institutes keep records of billing information, reports, stock details and order management, etc. We are modernizing pharmacy management by simplifying pharmacy workflow with a smart software solution. In the growing world, a huge population requires different types of medicine to heal the condition, but keeping them all together seems a stressful job. The pharmaceuticals market is expected to increase in the future because drug demand is on a high rise. We provide Pharmacy Software only with Hospital Management Software which simplifies your hospital operations and takes your pharmacy to the next level. If you’re looking for an affordable solution choose our best-suited Software to securely store your pharmacy data. Pharmacy Software brings your work efficiency and full control in hand anytime. Real-time tracking is the most active feature to check out pharmacy stock. The user-friendly system is designed simply to manage your financial aspects and dispensing orders. A single person can manage multiple prescriptions to deliver the order on time with the help of automated accurate calculation. It helps to minimize time and save energy.

Pharmacy Will Include Following Modules

Pharmacy software automates the entire management system for pharmacists, including the product description, drug quantity, and daily dispensary management. Even if you want to expand your pharmacy we can customize the software as per your needs. Undoubtedly maximize operational efficiency and cut the cost at a level.

  • Stock Management
  • Manage Purchase
  • Manage Sales
  • Basic Hr & Payroll
  • User Management
  • Product Manage
  • Supplier management
  • Customer Management
  •  Various Reports

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Benefits of Using Pharmacy

With the help of an intelligent software system improves productivity and business revenue. Pharmacy Software is the most reliable and effective cut the operating and actively manage overall aspects. Manual tasks look tedious, but entering pharmacy details into the system to manage the account, stock and delivery is quite easier.

  • Paperless Record
  • User-Friendly System
  • Easy Information
  • Sharing Flexible Reporting System
  • Complete Data Security With Authorization
  • A Centralized Pharmacy Record System

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